Sunday, May 26, 2013

JBoss AS 7 monitoring: JMS, JVM and Http Connectors

In the previous post I explained how to monitor JBoss AS 7 resources with JBison. I extended the sample web application called buffalo, to collect JMS, JVM and Http Connector metrics. Check out, compile and deploy buffalo in JBoss AS 7:
git clone git://
mvn clean install
cp target/buffalo.war $JBOSS_HOME/standalone/deployments/
Start JBoss with the standalone-full profile to have the hornetq messaging subsystem enabled. Pass
-c standalone-full.xml
to the or standalone.bat script. Access
to collect metrics for the testQueue.
Now it's time to add JBison into the game. Let's create a JSON monitor, which will fire email notifications if the number of messages in a queue reaches 100:

I started adding messages into the queue without processing them:

The queue filled up and I got an email notifying me, that one of the metrics got violated:

For further details on what resources and metrics are exposed by buffalo, take a look at buffalo's getting started guide.
Also sign up for a free JBison account and start monitoring your JBoss resources.